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FEA can be used in the development of new product designs or
to optimize existing products to ensure that the design is
executed according to specifications prior to manufacturing.
The use of FEA can:
1. Predict and improve product performance and reliability
2. Reduce physical prototype design testing
3. Evaluate different designs and materials
4. Optimize designs and reduce material consumption



Constant evolution drives our design team to ensure that any new products are in line with current trends.

In addition to continually improving our catalog offerings, VP's design team also works with dozens of international manufacturers in the industry to create custom products or refine their existing concepts.


VP's laboratory is capable of conducting international standard tests for impact durability, product cycle life, and material flexibility.

In addition, our collaboration with top laboratories around the world validates that our in-plant testing can quickly determine product performance and pass international mechanical and hazardous substance regulations.

We have also passed international regulations on mechanical properties and hazardous substances.


Design and proofing are of paramount importance. From the human factors of bicycle parts engineering to the fit and function of medical devices, prototyping is a critical step prior to manufacturing to eliminate It eliminates design errors before going into the mold.

VP uses 3D printing and CNC machining technologies to design and prototype This saves the cost and time of making modifications to the mold after the mold is opened.For those unique projects our tooling department offers design and prototyping to reduce the cost of expensive trial runs.and prototyping to reduce the cost of expensive mold trials.


VP's extensive manufacturing process allows for quality control in all steps of production. From raw materials to finished products, we follow the ISO quality assurance We never lose sight of the quality of all parts to ensure a perfect manufacturing process. Our goal is to satisfy each and every one of our customers.

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