Posted on: June 13, 2017 10pm

Hi All!
Another exciting weekend of world cup racing in Leogang Austria sees us score 3 podiums and with a little bit more luck we could have done even more!

We are so stoked to see Tracey Hannah 2nd just 0.6s off the win, her best career results on the track in Austria and she is consolidating her leads in the overall ranking and holding tight on that #1 spot.

Really happy too to see Mick Hannah finishing with a great 8th place even with a flat tire at the end of the track, we feel that without this misfortune Mick would have gained the few tenth of seconds that he missed to be on the podium. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing performance from Mick who is showing again that he is building up speed.

Kenta Gallagher was back on track and still looking for confidence after his broken collarbone and damaged knee and Kenta placed 58th today which is positive for the rest of the season.

Alexandre Fayolle who was showing some good speed in the top 20 at qualification, unfortunately, got a mechanical which took him out of the race, but Alex has shown again that he had the speed but he just needs to get the luck on his side again. Alex is still on a good 10th position at the overall ranking.

As the result of the strong top 10 from Mick, the 2nd place from Tracey and of course the amazing results on the other races Polygon UR is still leading the world cup team ranking.

So the team is still rolling on a super positive spirit as we are thankful for the good vibes and support that we get from, fans and sponsors.